Lanterns is a co-operative platformer where two players must work together to solve a gauntlet of unique puzzles. Players control a red and blue character that are able to shine a ray of light, of like colour.


Initial Conception

At the start of 2017, the team came together and produced a demo at the 2017 January Make-A-Thing game jam.

Commercial viability

Once the team had completed their studies, they returned to turn Lanterns into a viable product. Since then, they have released several updates, each adding quality of life changes and new features.

Public Showcases

The team has showcased Lanterns at multiple events, each at different stages of the project's life.


  • LOCAL COOP: play with a friend and laugh your way to repeated failures and success
  • 5 PLAYABLE CREATURES: each adorable creature set will have you play slightly different with your friend. Each with an additional limitation than the previous
  • PLETHORA OF LEVELS AND OBSTACLES: will test your cooperation and platforming skills


Lanterns - July 2018YouTube

Lanterns - October 2017YouTube



Selected Articles

  • For anyone reading this who will be attending Pax Aus, this is one not to miss.
    Scott Beeby, Brisbane Byte
Update Announcements
Every time we release a minor update, there's a blog post on steam that explains the content. Go check out our progress!

About Artefact Assembly

Artefact Assembly is a Brisbane based development studio working on their current project: Lanterns
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