Lanterns Update v0.2.0
In this fortnightly update:

Coloured Coins
Like regular coins - except these coins require a light type to be visible and collected. They function the same as normal blocks that go from invisible to visible when the correct light type is shone on it. There's a constant sparkle on each of the coloured coins - so their location is visible.

Block & Spike Types

Block & Spike Art

27 New Levels!
New levels that showcase coloured coins and the new block & spike types.
More levels select doors within Level Select Master and it's subsequent doors that link to levels.

Collected Coins UI
Collected Coins UI for each player has been added in the pause menu. It is located underneath the player death count UI. These numbers increment every time a player collects a coin.

Extra Bits and Bobs
Tweaked some level designs.


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- The Artefact Team