Lanterns Update v0.7.0

In this post PAX POX Lanterns update:

Character Set Collectables

Each character set now has Character Set Collectables (CSC). These collectables count towards unlocking a new character set. Character Select portals in the character select level now show the amount of CSC's required to unlock the next character set. Portals in level selects show which levels contain a CSC.
All character sets are still currently unlocked and playable - but collecting them will still accumulate progress - for when progression is refined and complete.

Miscellaneous Changes


Bug Fixes


What's To Come?

Known Issues

Level Editor
This will be a lengthy process - but we hope to keep everyone informed on the progress being made.

Refined level progression and level sets for all characters. We'll also be in the process of removing all of the current level set and replacing them with more permanent levels. Theres a good chance that a lot of the current levels in v0.7.0 will start to be shifted into an archive location or completely removed.

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Because Lanterns is currently only local-coop, If your friends are too far away, Parsec is a great way to play local games online. Parsec is free and relatively easy to setup.

- The Artefact Team